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Our food bank relies on your generosity and kindness - thank you for your ongoing support.

Over 90% of the food distributed by foodbanks in The Trussell Trust network is donated by the public – that’s why your food donations are absolutely vital to our ability to give everyone referred to us a balanced and nutritious three day supply of food.

Our shopping list on the right shows the food items that we need right now. If you would prefer to donate money (we always have bills to pay for the warehouse, van, council tax etc), our details are here.

“Harvest Festival 2023” – if you are considering giving to us, we are grateful for your thoughtfulness, but please kindly note our warehouse is currently “just right”. A little like Goldilocks, we need to ensure we have enough, but having too much causes us problems! So, we kindly ask that, if you are able to, you please continue to give as you currently do, where and how you currently do, but nothing additional! Thank you.


Our food collection point locations

Click through for store locations and opening times.

*Request from Tesco and Waitrose: when shoppers make donations of items not bought in their store, please seal these in a carrier bag and label them as “not bought in-store”, thank you. This is because Tesco and Waitrose make extra financial donations to the food bank based on the weight of donations bought and donated in their store.


Out of date, or short-dated items? No thank you.

We can not distribute out of date food.

We try hard to ensure that all the food we give to clients has at least 2 months before its expiry date. Less than this and it creates extra work for our volunteers as they sort and move food through our supply chain.

Like all charities, out of date food costs us money to dispose of.

Keynsham Community Fridge may find short-dated items useful, please message them. (They also can not take out of date food.)


Food items we do not accept

Opened/used or out of date items, fresh/frozen food, fresh fruit and vegetables, baby formula milk and baby food, medications and alcohol.



Sometimes we send items to other nearby food banks and similar organisations, to support their work particularly if they experience shortages. We work with other local groups to manage, for example, over-stocked, very short-dated, specialised, or unusual items.

If you are planning a large collection of food, please contact us beforehand, so that we can discuss the best timing of this, and advise you of any particular needs. This allows us to tailor the generosity of those giving with the needs at the time.

Please contact us if you have any questions about donating.

Thank you for your generosity and kindness.



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